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  • Relaxing-Hybrid: Full body relaxation- Shiatsu kneading of back, neck, scalp, hands and feet + longer Swedish & Lomilomi strokes. Superb for tension & stress! Light to medium pressure.
  • Integrated: (Therapeutic + Swedish: When you want it all; Deep therapeutic work on trouble spots, followed by medium/light pressure to soothe the body and mind.
  • Therapeutic: This service is for the client who is suffering from any acute or chronic pain or sleep issues where advanced techniques and deeper pressure generally helps the body heal and/or deal with pain better. Sessions are meant to be shorter as intensive work for too long can make the problem worse by aggravating the tissue.
  • Traditional Shiatsu: Done over (light) clothing, it includes kneading/pressing along the entire body, including the scalp, arms and hands! Its wonderful for the daily desktop warrior.
  • Traditional Lomilomi: Temple style Hawaiian style massage that utilizes long strokes that roll like a gentle ocean wave from head to toe and back.

On-site massage/chair massage for businesses and events: Please contact me directly for availability and pricing