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Education: I have been told for years that I had “the touch” when I gave friends and family shoulder rubs. Gradually it dawned on me that I’ve been ignoring my calling for too long and decided to go back to school. I chose CenterPoint School Massage & Shiatsu School because it is considered one of the best in our region. I have not been disappointed with the education and training I have received. My modalities are: Swedish Therapeutic,Shiatsu (Anma & Namakoshi) and Craniosacral. I generally integrate all of these into my sessions, but upon request, you can ask to receive a traditional Shiatsu only session, if you prefer or Swedish, or Craniosacral.

Technique:  I pride myself on being creative and dynamic. I do not have a “routine” massage that I give my clients. Everyone gets an individualized treatment because every body is different. The most common question that most Massage Therapists get asked is, “do you do deep tissue?” The short answer is, the amount of pressure depends on you. I have trained many hours to give pressure as light as a feather to deep and penetrating. Different parts of your body respond to vastly different pressure intensity. I check in with my clients often to make sure I am applying the pressure intensity they desire.

The four modalities that I have trained in at CenterPoint are Shiatsu, Swedish Therapeutic, Lomilomi and Craniosacral.  Each one has their advantages and each one will work good/better/best depending upon you. I like to integrate all three into one session. This is where my knowledge and creativity come in. That being said, if you already know that you want me to focus on a particular technique for your session, I can do that too. My bodywork isn’t a case where “I know best what works for you”, it’s a case where I will be your helpful guide to find a better you. You and I will work together to see this happen, whether that’s through one session for some relaxation or on-going sessions to address your therapeutic needs.

Location:  I work out of my home in the safe, quiet suburb of Mounds View. It’s very easy to get to and only 15 minutes north of downtown Minneapolis. Our house is a smoke free zone, but those with dog allergies should be aware that my wife and I are proud owners of three very well-mannered, people-loving dogs. You may hear them barking to let me know you’ve arrived, but they will be confined to their own space during your visit to our home. They are not allowed in the area where you will receive bodywork. Parking: We prefer that you park on the street in front of the house. If winter snow has made this difficult, certainly park in the driveway. I do my best to keep it free from snow, slush and ice.

Philosophy: If you are a human being, you are welcome to my studio. I have techniques which will work for you, no matter your age, gender, sexual preference, body type or physical fitness level. An advantage of working from a home studio is that my clients can relax and avoid any self-conscious concerns that some may feel in a spa setting. Do not be concerned with your appearance or whether you shaved your legs or not, my goal is that you feel safe, comfortable and unconcerned with the little things once you are here.